Personal Training + Nutrition Counseling

Join an existing group of 3-6 people or start your own group and experience the motivation and energy that a group class has to offer. Group Training is perfect for anyone who already has a Fitness Foundation and is looking to take their fitness to the next level. You will find a mixture of Cardio, Strength, Core, HIIT, Bootcamp style, Endurance and Flexibility in our classes.  Every class is new, fresh and exciting.



  • Group Training




  • Group Training



  • Group Training



Want your own group or a different group time?

Start your own group training class. Bring along at least 2 friends to join you and customize exactly the training style you and your friends would like.

Looking for Yoga?

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If you are looking for Yoga, NuFit Wellness is located at The Yoga Factory in Westerville, Ohio. Check out all the styles and classes they have to offer.

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