Fit From Home Membership

Personal Training + Nutrition Counseling

Tired of those cheesy home workouts that never seem to satisfy your fitness cravings? Do you feel like your fitness videos don’t give modifications or progressions to exercises?

Brace yourself for an experience like none other! Our FIT FROM HOME Membership offers LIVE and On-Demand online workouts that come with a challenging workout intensity that will never leave you bored or wanting more. You will never get tired of our large variety of exercises that focuses on Cardio, Strength, Core and Endurance. Plus, you get to do it from the comfort of your own home!

What fitness levels can participate?

ALL levels of fitness can join our Fit From Home Membership. The membership include Fit for Beginners. These 12 Beginner and 12 Intermediate workouts progress you from “couch to confident”, and from “do I even have a core” to “my core is rock solid”! These full body workouts slowly progress in difficulty as you are also progressing in your fitness. With minimal equipment, from the comfort of your home you can establish your fundamentals and build your foundation with only 3 workouts per week.

In this series, you’ll develop:

  • Proper Form & Posture
  • A base level of Strength, Endurance, Stamina, Mobility, Balance
  • Core Activation & Strengthening
  • Excellent Exercise Technique & Execution
  • A LOVE for Fitness! 

After acquiring the fundamentals and a strong foundation in Fit for Beginners, you will be ready for our Fit From Home workouts! Andy Berger thoroughly explains and demonstrates exercises while offering exercise modifications and progressions to match all fitness levels. Our online group training classes use a variety of workout styles and equipment such as Tabata, HIIT, circuit training, bodyweight training, core circuits and strength circuits.

How do I attend?

For increased accountability and motivation, our classes are offered LIVE on Zoom. If you’re unable to make a specific time, we also send out the recording that you can do at a time that is convenient to you!

What Equipment do I need?

Minimal Equipment is needed to complete the workouts:

How do I sign up for LIVE Virtual Group Training?

“I want to thank you for your awesome program. Your Virtual Group Training helped me stay motivated and active during this pregnancy. I have only gained 33lbs this pregnancy versus 67lbs with my first son.”

Laura H.

“At age 44, I am nearly certain I am stronger than I have ever been in my life.”

Derek N.

“Thank you both for helping me improve my health and strength. I started running again last week and this time last year I never would have been able to run after having a meal at any point during the day because of my gut pain.  I’d had a salad with grilled chicken a few hours before and I felt great!! Thank you Laura for changing my life. 

Also, my legs and glutes are much stronger. My form is improved and more efficient. My knee caps are less creaky! The HIIT circuits are helping my cardio endurance. Even though I haven’t run since October, I picked back up like months hadn’t passed. Usually it was like starting all over. 

My nutrition and strength are so much better that I can get to the end of my workouts with energy left.”

Andrea R.

Really like the variation and mix of moves, circuits and time. Also the practical and functional moves I’m finding incredibly helpful. 

Just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work.”

Adam N.