Personal Training + Nutrition Counseling

Want to bring nutrition and healthy eating into your workplace, social gathering or sports team? Laura Berger, our Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, will give a customized nutrition presentation on the topics that your group desires.

We can do seminars for:

  • Corporate Wellness Lunch and Learn
  • Worksite Wellness Programs & Challenges
  • Social Groups such as churches, MOPS, etc.
  • Sports Nutrition Seminars
  • Fitness Centers

Seminar topics include:

  • Nutrition 101: Healthy Eating Made Simple
  • You Are What You Eat: Nutrition & Disease
  • Reducing Inflammation and Disease: Your Guide to Reducing Medications
  • OR Pick Your Own!

Contact Laura Berger to discuss setting up your speaking engagement! You can learn more about Laura’s Nutrition philosophy and how a seminar might positively impact your group at